At Center for Vision Development, we provide revolutionary vision therapy treatments to clients of all ages. We ensure our patients receive the vision therapy particular to their needs in order to rehabilitate their vision problems. In addition to the vision services that we provide; we treat patients that have learning disabilities as well, since sometimes the two go hand in hand.

What we offer as solutions to our clients are successful exercises/procedures that improve the patients vision malady. When we refer to “exercises”, this does not necessarily mean we are trying to strengthen your eye muscles specifically. These types of exercise for your eyes are meant to assist in improving your vision, as your eyes are already strong as is.

Our patients trust us with providing them non-surgical treatment for their eyes and brain capabilities. Vision therapy is utilized for a variety of common visual problems such as (but not limited to) double vision, crossed eyes, lazy eye, learning/reading disabilities, and convergence insufficiency.

At Center for Vision Development, located in New Market, MD, we have helped many individuals improve their vision through non-surgical means.

We believe that vision therapy is one of the most progressive advancements in the medical field and we strive to continue improving our treatment procedures. Throughout the years we understand that not every patient’s situation is the same. While we have a general blueprint, our program is tailored to each patient’s specific needs.